Confession time. In first semester, I failed in ‘Quantum Physics’ subject. In Punjab, failed subjects are called ‘Fakke’. For next few years I kept asking my seniors whether it shows up on degree. Does placement get affected by this? Turns out I didn’t even have to clear it. I just went on with my engineering and got my degree. Few good students used to write assignments, other 30 used to copy their handwriting. Everyone is okay now. That’s how engineering works. No one ever asked for that quantum physics grade. I went for MBA interviews, even they didn’t care about Quantum Physics. Forget the Fakke, no one ever asked me my CGPA.

My friends who failed in 4+ subjects are doing well in life. My friends who never failed in any subject and maintained their CGPA 7, are working with those 4+ fakke guys. Now no one asks for those subjects. I know people doing research in Europe who failed 3+ subjects. So conclusion is very simple. 1) Number of subjects you failed/ your CGPA hardly matters. 2) Placement and research opportunities are highly luck dependent. Your confidence and communication skills matter more than your CV. Most people don’t agree with me on this. But then again people always try to justify things. Irony.

So why am I writing all this. This is for my 5 point someone juniors. It doesn’t matter. Even if your classmates don’t take you seriously and you think battle is lost, after fourth year none of this really matter. What matters is your skills. Your communication skills, risk management, confidence and things like this is what makes you different from others. I have seen people with ocean of knowledge but zero communication skills. One very important skill which people should develop during their college life is Aptitude. It doesn’t take much. 10 minutes Sudoku every day after gym can clear your 30% more interviews.

Unfortunately, these skills doesn’t come with LAN gaming. Thinking that you don’t need society or you are a loner and not going to those DJ parties actually degrades your value. Every time you avoid groups, or stage performance your CV goes down in pile of applications. Turns out everything other than lectures matter more than those lectures. After one year in any career, you will hardly remember any concepts but that attitude you gain while working for college fest will stick with you for life.