“Why is J.N.U an issue? People say they will destroy the nation. I am like- Inka canteen me udhari he. Isko koi ‘Medu vada’ nahi de raha. You have nuclear weapons.” – Kunal Kamra (Light joke because I want you to read this calmly.)

Gabbar is back. A movie released in 2015, was a crime/drama film. Basically a college professor creates an army of honest students. Using network of his honest students he punishes most corrupt people. Vigilante justice. A nice film.

On 9th February 2016, students from J.N.U. came into news for well known reason. Some called them anti-national. Some supported them. Later it was found that footage was doctored. A whole big political drama. I don’t know who was guilty. And honestly half of India doesn’t even care. Government knew few students can’t overthrow a government. But people needs something to discuss on Facebook/twitter. So let me give you something to discuss.

We all know how media influences people. Media doesn’t report crimes of West Bengal so people are ignorant about it. Media shows you things that will earn TRP and most of the people doesn’t care what they see. Many people watch Salman Khan’s movie. When we question them about this – people will say something like – Everyone has their taste. You don’t have right to judge someone or comment on it. Now here lies the problem.

If some students watched Gabbar is back and decided to raise their voice against corruption and other topics, its great. That’s how entertainment should affect people. When ‘Lage raho munna bhai’ came, there were many publicity events of Gandhigiri. Because that’s what was trending. Good movies, good news creates good environment. Now think about Honey Singh songs. Party – Alcohol and that music. Now people are smart. But a normal guy who controls his drinks, drinks two more drinks on Honey Singh song. And you know that’s true- else try drinking on ‘Shape of you- Ed Sheeran’.

Definitely J.N.U. didn’t go towards right direction and may be they were anti national. You and I can’t say what actually happened or what were they trying to do. May be some of them were inspired by ‘Gabbar is back’. May be some other movie like ‘Rang De Basati’. Or may be not. Point is what you see does make a difference. After watching ‘Lakshya’ or ‘Border’, you will respect army and feel proud for them. You know that feeling is different from everyday feeling. You respect army in general but most of the days you don’t think about them.

Our media is bad. We know that. They run on Religion, Politics and what is trending. Because its a business. But you and I have to decide what to watch and what to read. If some shitty movie is earning 100 crores, it means more than 30 lac people are watching it. Its not the issue of taste anymore. Few people need something to watch on weekends and they are going. People don’t have filter in their mind. You can’t be sure what will inspire to what. That’s why entertainment industry matters.

Now something to inspire you. In Gabbar is back, a simple college professor makes so many great and honest students. Sure, it was a movie, but is it that unrealistic ? So how many of you know such good teachers? And if you really want to do something for this country without getting into politics/ power/ Army or in any harmful profession, will you consider being a professor?