In 3rd year, professor asked who wants internship in Machine Design at Nuclear Plant. I just raised my hand and got internship.

I have to write this, because people are having false ideas. Most of the students, parents and some people who have nothing else to do think India should not build new IITs or government is wasting money on IITs.

I graduated from IIT Ropar. Almost all new IITs are now in top 25 colleges according to NIRF ranking.

Facts –

  1. Growth in competition-
    In 1951 when IIT Kharagpur was established, India’s population was 36 crores now its 130+ crores. Competition is too much to handle for old IITs, just check out the suicide rate. We need more IITs because due to IIT tag and funding from government, new IITs rose to top 15 in last 10 years.
  2. Low population:
    We had only 40 students per branch. So we got many opportunities that older IIT students don’t. We started our new clubs in first year. Everybody knew almost everyone in our college. No suicide so far because 400+ friends. No one gets lost in crowd.
  3. Infrastructures :
    Due to huge funding from Government, our college has better equipment and instruments than most of Punjab colleges. We are moving to new campus, this year but even with transit campus we are sufficient. Due to low population we had access to almost every lab and instrument whenever we wanted.
  4. Teachers :
    I am not a popular kid but almost all my professors know my name, again because of low population. Our college has faculty from various nations, who have experience in many foreign universities and IITs. Research in IIT Ropar was ranked much higher than older IITs also in number of papers.
  5. Students:
    We too cleared JEE. We got 2 marks less than the general category student of IIT Kharagpur. Our CS class has more marks than 5–6 branches of IIT Kanpur. We scored just 2–3 marks less that one day. Considering reservation system, 50% of New IITians got better marks than 50% of Old IITians. So if you think ‘Quality’ of student is the issue, you are wrong.

Few insights-

  1. Teachers, facilities doesn’t make an IIT – The IIT. Students make IIT – The IIT. IIT-JEE selects best, IIT just ruin few of them 😛 and make others strong.
  2. People will rather take other branches closing on low rank ,which they have no interest in studying rather than taking good branch of their choice in new IIT. Because somehow their seniors told them that’s a good decision. New IITs are getting almost same packages/ research opportunities and in some places higher chances of foreign universities.
  3. People think new IITs don’t have culture. On the contrary, almost whole college participate in making our fest great, not like old IITs where politics and 1% student will handle everything.

Of course we have long way to go. But I think only thing we lack in … is little ‘respect’ that we will gain eventually because our alumni are working on it now.

Rat race and why you should run this race?
IIT no longer stands for best in engineering. It stands for best in everything. India believes it to be true and that’s why you should run this race. People often say you should follow your passion. In India, if you have a degree from IIT, your passion welcomes you.


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If you want to become comedian – Biswa Kalyan Rath, Vipul Goyal, TVF are from IITs.
If you want to become politician – Arvind Kejriwal, Manohar Parrikar.
If you want to become RBI governor – Raghuram Rajan
If you want to become writer – Chetan Bhagat.

IIT is the answer. Go for it.