Dear juniors,

It’s almost end of your college life and I know even those who thought they were heartless are feeling that something is off. You are all smart and know how to handle these feelings so I won’t be giving lecture about that. What I really want to talk about is, how you are going to spend these last 2 months. From personal experience, regrets and memories I really hope you just consider my request.

When I look back, most of my college day’s memories are from fourth year itself. Somehow other memories faded away with time or maybe I wasn’t emotional enough to capture the best of them. So these last two months of college are going to be the best and worst for you. We always promise to meet for convocation but honestly convocation time is not enough. So here we go.

  1. Do not, I repeat, do not miss any party. Lots of pictures will be taken in these parties. Also try to take as many videos as possible. After you leave the college you are going to spend hours in those pictures and videos.
  2. After your exams, don’t run to your home. Stay in college as long as you can. Leave together with friends. Plan a trip after college.
  3. I learned one very important thing in my college years. No matter how much work is pending or how many assignment we have to submit, it always finishes before the deadline. We always manage to complete our work. So don’t take stress and enjoy your time.
  4. Long walks we take around cricket ground, increase their frequency. Take anyone you find to that walk. Discuss anything and everything. Go out of your comfort zone. Everyday spend time with your best friend. Sleep less for few months. Invest that time in socializing.
  5. Try to be in group. Many of us want to be left alone sometimes. There are always few who never mix with others. This is a request to all those. For last two months try to be in contact with everyone, even people you don’t like.
  6. Dear maggus and people who fight for that extra mark, forget about CGPA for few months. I remember toppers playing poker games with us on night before exam and that’s from my best memories. I am not asking to fail subjects to extend your college life but try to go easy on yourself.
  7. Outside college, ‘time flies like an arrow’. But every second you spend in those corridor is important. By the way, can somebody please name that big tree on corner as – ‘Bodhi tree’ 😛
  8. Form group or even 2 of you and just go somewhere. Our college is in the best part of India and if you haven’t used that to your advantage yet, do it now.
  9. Dear non-drinkers, most of you avoid people who drink or their parties. I know most of the times it’s not fun for us but try to be there too.
  10. Don’t think too much about career. It always work out in the end. In the words of Zakir Khan, “Tum bhi yahi ho. Ham bhi yahi he. Sab kuchh na kuchh kar hi lete he life me.”
  11. Last but not least, those TV Series, PC games and YouTube videos are going to be there after you come home from work. They are going to stay there for next few years. So for now just talk to your friends and make fun of them. Post some random horrible pictures of them on facebook if you want.

Extra point from Superstar Deepak Srinivas, “After placement is when most of us become completely aimless.. that is when ham sahi se dhoond sakte hain what we actually like to do and what we can do about it. And the best thing is IIT Ropar has enough internet and free time to explore and work on stuff we want to. Another thing, jitna ch**iyap macha sakte ho machao..yaad rahega pakka  

Have all those parties. All those fun. Find your guitar buddy and sing along in a group at night at 3 AM. People don’t have time outside that campus. Even the best friends can’t find time from their schedule. Live like this is the end, because in a way, it is. Sorry to be so dark but this is serious .

– Just another guy who misses his friends.