“Hello. I can’t hear you. Hello.” voice was coming from recently dropped mobile. Pieces of shattered glass were everywhere. Car which was crashed into the pole, was still making sound. A stream of blood was flowing from driver’s seat. Seatbelt was unable to save this time. He was standing next to his car, still trying to figure out what exactly happen, when he saw his own dead body.

“That’s it Sushant.” reaper said. “Let’s go.” “Wait, someone will come to help.”, he pleaded. “By rules, I have to give you 3 minutes in the hope of miracle.” Hope is a very powerful feeling, it literally put a smile over dead man’s face. But as clock was ticking, Sushant’s smile was slowly disappearing.

“Well that’s it. Let’s go. It’s a long way to Hell.” reaper said.grim-reaper-1-622x415

“Hell? Why? What did I do to deserve hell?” Sushant was surprised because as far as he remembered he had done nothing wrong. “Well, we have a lot of time to think about it, don’t we?” and they both started walking.

After an hour, Sushant was dying to know. “Is this because of Ranvir? I know he was just a child and I should not have kept him as a servant but he needed that job. He needed money. I was just helping him.”

“Ohh! And how much did you pay him?” reaper enquired. Sushant felt little embarrassed. “I know it was little less than market standards, but he really needed it. I helped him.” “By taking away his childhood? Anyway who am I to judge? And it’s not because of Ranvir. You have done far more serious crimes.” And they continued walking.

“Just tell me, I am dying to know.”Sushant was eager. “Dying? Really?” Reaper smirked.

Reaper asked, “Tell me. Did you love your wife?” “Manisha? Is that why I am here? Of course I loved her. She was my wife.” “Ohh, really? It’s a weird world we live in. You loved her because she was your wife. Don’t you think it should be otherwise? Anyways, did you respect her?” “Yes! I respected her, but she was just a housewife. She was simple. I supported her. Provided food on table. Did everything in my power.”

“Respect is something far different from responsibility. World always confuse these terms.”- Reaper.

Sushant started remembering. Number of times he was angry on her, how she was just a responsibility for him. How he treated her? Reaper continued, “Did you ever force your wife?” Sushant was speechless and they continued walking.

After few more hours, reaper asked, “You were a terrible driver, weren’t you?” Sushant felt ashamed. Suddenly he remembered. He said,”I know why I am going to hell. I killed something that night.” Reaper said, “Yes, you did.” Sushant said,”I hit something in dark, but if I had waited there, crowd would have killed me. I had family, I had to run.” Sushant was about to cry. And then they reached the gates.

Gate keeper asked reaper, “So hell or heaven?” Reaper said, ”According to his confession, definitely Hell.”

Sushant was surprised. Reaper laughed and explained, “We don’t have time to watch every action of your life. But you did just described your pathetic life to me. Thanks for that. I don’t know whether you killed someone or not, but the fact is you didn’t even bothered to check. Guilt my friend is the real judgement. You know what will be the greatest torture, knowing that you could have avoided all torture if you had just kept your mouth shut.” Reaper touched Sushant’s forehead and then there was nothing.