No. of Days: 4 (23 Dec 2016 to 26 Dec 2016)

Expected Cost per person: Rs. 5000

Route: Delhi – Ahmedabad – Bhuj – Mandvi- White desert – Gir – Somnath – Sun Temple, Modhera – Rani ki vav, Patan and return.

Day 1: Ahmedabad

Best city I have ever seen. Great infrastructure, great transport, good river, under control pollution of river, river side park (Riverfront Park), jogging/ cycling tracks along river. Yes! Gujrat is developed.

We reached Ahmedabad by 2:30 PM.


It’s the best city I have ever seenAfter lunch, we went straight to Sabarmati Aashram. Honestly? Got bored in first 3 minutes. Opposite to Aashram, there is a riverfront park. Nice, calm and quite place. Well maintained and beautiful. We spent few hours on tracks build along river. You can rent a cycle are ride along river, it’s nice. In evening we took a BRTS bus to Kankaria Lake. SBI’s logo was taken from this lakes shape. Had some khaman and Chinese samosa near lake. Kankaria Lake is beautiful and calm. When we reached there, some songs were playing on stage, which was really creating a romantic kind of mood. Lightings around the lake are equally peaceful. We sat there for hours. And then took a train to Bhuj.

Day 2: Mandvi beach and White Desert.

We reached Bhuj early in the morning and took a bus to Mandvi. It’s a one hour journey. We walked to Mandvi beach from bus station. As a village Mandvi is actually nice, regular village. Beach isn’t a long sand type, but water is very clean and blue as compared to Mumbai/Chennai beaches. We spent few hours and return back to Bhuj by 1 PM.

We had Gujrati Thali at Green Rock restaurant. That was some delicious food. After that straight to White desert. 86 km ride. Once you reach beyond Dhordo village, you see the tent city. We went during Rann Utsav. So it was like a big fair and amusement park. We reached white desert around 4 PM. Took a pass to visit. Government buses take you to the desert. Water was still evaporating when we were there, but mostly of the land was covered in sand. We went little deep into desert and away from crowd. It was a sunset time. You could see the reflection of sun in water there and it’s all beautiful. We clicked many pictures and drove back to Bhuj. We took a bus to Rajkot at 12 AM.

Day 3: Gir and Somnath

We reached Rajkot by 5 AM. From there to Junagadh and Junagadh to Sasan. After reaching Sasan, we enquired around about safaris. It costs around 4000 for a jeep and there is a good chance that you won’t see anything. But worry not. Government has another sanctuary nearby, named Devalia Safari Park. It costs 170- 190 rupees, in a government bus. It takes around 45 mins and you will surely see few lions, deers and captured man-eater leopards in a pit. Totally worth it.

We took a bus to Somnath and reached by 6 PM. Somnath temple is situated at the best place. Sea starts just behind the temple. It took us 30 minutes to see the temple and we were back to beach for sunset. Somnath beach is comparatively clean beach. We sat there, peacefully, played little bit in water and saw the sun merging with sea on horizon. We took a train back to Ahmedabad.

Day 4: Sun Temple, Modhera and Rani ki vav, Patan

Early morning fresh up in Ahmedabad station’s waiting room. And took a bus to Modhera. Sun temple is from 12-13h century. When these temples were under attack, most of the statues were thrown in lake. Many of them recovered and are in museum. Temple is real example of creativity. Nicely maintained garden, quiet and chill environment, what’s not to like?

We captured many pics and went to Patan. Rani ki vav is an old stepwell with an exceptionally creative art work. Delhi’s Agrasen ki baoli looks like a child’s drawing as compared to Rani ki vav. We spent a lot of our time appreciating the art. Then took a nap in garden, had some panipuri and back to Ahmedabad.

Amitabh was right. You should spend few days in Gujrat. It’s worth it.