Every now and then, some random uncle tells me how bad my generation is. Where we are going wrong. After studying history

  1. They think earlier people used to live longer .
    “Do you know? Earlier Sadhu and saints used to live 100s of years. It’s all because of Vedic science and Aayurved.”

    Life expectancy of India in 1901 was 23.4 years. You now know the reason behind child marriage.  life-expectancy.png

    NO! It’s not true. They used to have 5-6 kids, because they knew few of them would die.
    Fun fact: In Maharashtra poor people used to believe if you name your child after some god’s name, God will take him. So they started naming children like stone (Dagdu), brick etc.

  2. Their generation fought really hard for independence and it’s only due to their efforts we have independence today. I know, few of them fought really hard and sacrificed everything for country and I appreciate that.
    But here are some facts. America got freedom after a war, they fought. Few foreigners came to your land, attacked you and ruled for 250 years and you think you are smart? In world war II, Hitler was bombing London, England was half destroyed that’s why they couldn’t press India any further.
  3. Indian culture is the best culture and we should be proud of it. We never attacked on anyone (Because we were fighting among ourselves). We have maryadas (limits) and laaj (shame). Two words- Khajurao and Kaama sutra.
    (I was going to put pictures from Khajurao here, but even I am little ashamed.)
    Every country had culture and all were beautiful. But we had sati pratha and caste systems. We are more evil than racists. In western world, they discriminated our color of skin. We discriminated on the base on ‘Nothing’. That’s stupid.
  4. Ancient Indian science was very advance. They had Pushpak Viman and knowledge of nuclear weapons (Bramhastra).  With all that science, we didn’t invent anything.
    Writing about things doesn’t make it true. J.K. Rolling writes about crossing walls and flying cars, we don’t have that.
  5. They think women had respect in ancient India. Child Marriages, Dowry system, Bride-Burning, No rights in their paternal property, Mass Wife-Burning (Jauhar) and Widow-Burning (Sati) these were some examples of equality.
    One thing that I never understood was, why women follow religions. Clearly no one gives them respect they deserve. Women of house used to eat last in house, woman pressing her husband’s legs all night long …. List goes on.