22 November 2018:

An explosion in train kills over 30 men today. A bomb was strategically placed in general compartment of train when no women were in it. New women terrorist group known as ‘New hope organization’ is suspected behind this gruesome attack…. “

A smile of satisfaction spread on her face when she was reading the same news for 5th time. And she remembered the night when it all began. When Darshan came frustrated from office, she quickly took his bag from his hand and told him to take a rest. She made him his favorite snacks and showed him the new saree she bought. Later she asked about his work. He got more frustrated when he heard about the word ‘work’. His eyes turned red and Smriti knew exactly what was going to follow. She tried to stop him but as usual those were worthless attempts. After 15 minutes, there she was with her new saree on ground and eyes full of tears. She went to kitchen to be alone for some time. Darshan came and asked what she will make for dinner. That was the point when she had clear sense of responsibility. She knew what she had to do. She took a knife from drawer and stabbed that in his neck. 2 seconds, that’s all it took to finish her sadness. She started her new life.

Within next year, she started a religion for women. First religion where women will get the respect they deserve. Her anger made her the perfect leader. Their religion had a voice now. Government was still deaf but it can still hear an explosion.

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Marital rape is not a crime in China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India etc. If you think there is nothing wrong with this list of countries, you need to get over your drugs of Indian culture and religion. Indian culture was the one with Sati Pratha.

Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) considers the forced sex in marriages as a crime only when the wife is below age 15. Thus, marital rape is not a criminal offense under the IPC.

Whenever I say women don’t get respect in our religion, people get offended. I always try to give logical explanation but logic is something they are allergic to. Men have power in society today, and never in history power was given up without a fight. A fight, a revolution thats what a young India needs.