So friends, today we are going to make a very peaceful (Aggressive) and silent (Violent) religion. This recipe is for men only. Women can’t make this dish. It’s forbidden and I have scientific reasons which god himself has told me.
Now religion is very common dish and there are many gravies (blood) but basic ingredients are same.
So basic ingredients are –

Belief in Supernatural Power Needs a character with superpowers. Try something which no one can disprove. But creative and interesting. Harry Potter, DC and Marvel will do.
Rituals Choose random acts which will make no sense. Ex. One should always pee whenever he/she sees a sparrow. (We can give some random ‘scientific’ logic later when smart people ask questions.)
Acts defined as Sinful Don’t worry it’s not applicable to you if you are the one in charge.
Method of Salvation You need money for this dish. Take from others.
Belief in some sacred things Probably your own things, if you are the cook.
Procedure of Worship Statue or no statue. It’s your choice because it’s your statue.
Place of Worship You know how expensive properties are. You need a business model.
A book To write everything you just made up. Because lies are hard to remember.

So now the procedure.
Step 1) Take a frying pan (Riot). Let 2-3 spoons (hundreds) water (Blood) boil for a few moments.
Step 2) Add lots of spices and onions (Aggressive speech and promises). Fry till gravy turn reddish (Some people/governments oppose you).
Step 3) Add Potato (Belief in Supernatural power) and an Orange (Rituals, it’s supposed to make no sense.*wink*)
Step 4) Fry till you see bubbles (At least 100 angry followers.) and then add all remaining ingredients all at once. (This moment will be celebrated as holiday.)
Step 5) Serve your dish with smile on your face even if you think you are the worst cook there is. (Publish your book.)