There was a question on Quora, Why did Kansa lock up Vasudev and Devaki in the same cell? Laughable question right. You can see the mistake in mythological literature right there. But best part was the answers of this question given by religious people. The way they defended was really astonishing. How Kansa had Kshatriya pride and all.

So there were few more example I had in my mind. Remember the story how Hanuman flied to Himalaya, picked up a mountain brought to Rameshwaram in a single night. So the question is, why did Ram build a bridge of floating stones? He should have convinced his army to climb up some mountain and Hanuman can easily put that mountain in Lanka. “Surprise Ravan! It’s an air strike.”

Did you know Jambavan, an immortal king of bears, who were a part of Ram’s army, circled the earth 21 times in his youth? Fascinating, isn’t it? Best part is he didn’t tell anyone that there exists ‘America’, a completely unexplored and unknown land. He was immortal for god’s sake. Can you see the irony of last sentence? ’was immortal.’

Don’t even get me started on Pushpak Vimaan. By the way, Barbarika was murdered by Krishna for no reason. More you ask questions about mythology, more amazing answers you get. Then one should ask the question, is religion a cult?
So by definition religion is a formal organized body who generally meet various criteria such as:
1.Belief in God (though not in the case of Buddhism)
2.Belief in importance of certain spiritual books as a source of spiritual truth. (Bible, Qu’ran, Bhagavad Gita, Harry Potter)
3.A set of principles to guide living of members. (Very few follows and become terrorists.)
4.An established organization, often with a hierarchy of priests (Because all men are not equal. Men because women are not allowed. Duhh!)

We refer cult as bad. And when a cult becomes huge, it becomes a religion (Which is suddenly good. Don’t argue.) Best part is cult is the best form of brainwashing and you wouldn’t know that because you are being brainwashed. Most of us have some baba’s picture/ calendar/ spiritual books at our house. Some visit their Ashram for peace. And that’s how they get rich. Some cults are small. Baba lives in a hut. But every startup starts in a single room. Don’t worry I am talking about infidels. Your religion and god is the true one and luckily you were born with it.

So why am I writing all this? How can we stop people from being a part of a cult? How would you know if you are being manipulated? Answer is simple, start asking questions about others belief. It generally follows with them being protective about their ideas and laughing at your cult. Don’t get angry. Try to think about their views and you will know that you are in a matrix but neo is not coming.