Remember the story of two goats on a small bridge? Two goats started crossing a narrow bridge on river from two different sides. They met in between and none of them was willing to back down. They started fighting with their horns and finally both of them fell into the river.

I think that story had a deep meaning and that story was incomplete too. Imagine that, one goat represents the male gender and other represents the female. Incomplete information was structure of bridge. Let me explain from the figure. Both goat could reach their destination if goat 1 (Male) was willing to take a step back.


Wait there is more.

Different body parts of goat represent different types of men and women. Whenever I try to argue with people on topic of feminism, they come up with the same logic saying, there are many bad women out there, hurting men. “Remember that girl she slapped a guy in bus that was so unfair.” “Girls are taking advantage of their position.” These girls are the horns of the goat 2 (female) and hurting body of goat 1 (Male).

Now the people who talks on these stuff and have experienced these horns are the body of goat. They are the majority. They get hurt, but they never realize that they are reason why goats are stuck in the situation in the first place.

Then there are eyes. They watch and do nothing. They know that there is a space behind them and problem can be solved but they don’t interfere. They are the worst kind.

And then come the legs. These are the people who needs to take action. These are the people who needs to pull themselves back. From female side, they need to motivate the body to move ahead, even though horns are hurting them. And from male side, they need to convince the goat that it’s okay to move back. There is a space for both of them.

I am waiting for that day, when both of them reaches center. I hope horns won’t kill both the goats till then.