Continuous screeches and calls from his side,
a cry for help in the slumberous late night.

He was getting schlepped, from his own house, 2380801900000578-0-image-4_1417005768359
with his eyes gawking at me, with hope and ominous.

He tried to breakout, from cuffs of lies,
but a stifled smile on his ex’s guise.

I was watching this horror, from my barren bedroom
and his jabs would have shattered my mirror very soon.

I was aghast and allayed at the same time
since the things were worse on the other side.

– Ishan Jajoo

Meaning / story : 
It was late at night and I was alone in my bedroom. I heard knocks from the mirror. Terrified, I looked inside.
In mirror, my ex-girlfriend has wrongfully accused me and police is dragging me out of my own house. I was screaming for help from my reflection.

And at last, after seeing the life of my reflection, I was happy in my single life.