Difficulty: Easy

No. of days : 2/3

Cost per person: 1600

Route: Ropar – Mcleodganj – Triund

Day 1 (Friday):
Due to some late classes we started our journey at 6:15 PM from Ropar to Una…
We had dinner in Una which took around one and half hours and then took a bus to Dharmsala…
reached Dharmsala and took bus to MCleodganj ….Took a hotel room for 6 at 4 AM…Rate :Rs.600

Day 2 (Saturday):
Woke up at 10 AM…had lunch and took 2 Taxies to Gullu devi temple ……started trek at 12 PM…
A great way through clouds …After reaching Gallu Devi Temple, here we came across another cafeteria/shop named ‘Rest A While’ with a small water pond and Gallu Devi Temple on top. From Gallu Devi Temple you can see Kareri and Bahl Village on North-West direction and BhagsuNag in East.DSC_0069.jpg

Follow a single trek going North East and in upward direction starting behind Gallu Devi Temple will lead you directly to Triund Hill. The track from Galu Devi temple gets a bit of tough, with steep curves and moderate trails. It takes you about four hours (leisurely trek) and three hours (fast trek) to reach Triund Hill but for some it may take 6 hours to reach the top. On your way to Triund you will come across two refreshment shops first one named Magic View Cafė at a height of 2,500 meter. Continue your trek after a rest and you will reach Triund Hill with in 1 or 2 hours depending upon your stamina.We took two tents on rent ….Rs. 500 each….Had a great sunset view …In night it was very cold…Had a tea for Rs.30 and a Maggi for Rs.50…but totally worth it…Sang many songs near Bonfire with 30 IIT Roorkie students …Made new friends.


Day 3 (Sunday):
Started a down trek at 8 AM after Photo sessions ….Down trek was fast but dangerous ….because single mistake could cost our life …but still it was fun…After reaching Gullu Devi temple we didn’t order taxi…we continued our trek to MCleodganj….but not by Main road…There was a shortcut which was dangerous but it saved our time…After reaching MCleodganj ….We had a lunch …And took a bus from Dharmsala to Ropar…