It’s been 3 months since he actually went out in real world. Some said he has gone mad. His mother was actually worried about him but couldn’t help anymore. He was so obsessed with his experiments that he forgot that it’s been 2 days he had not eaten anything.

His mother was working in her kitchen. She turned around and was shocked to see him leaving with a bag in his hand. She asked, ”Kul, What happened?  Where are you going?”.  “It might take few days. Don’t wait up.”,Kul replied. By this time she knew that anymore questions would be waste of time. He left his house and walked into forest behind his house.

Kul had strongly believed in people in other dimensions and was experimenting on finding a portal to other side. He was 24 but was looking much older due to sleepless nights in past few years. His skin was looking dull and eyes in dark circles. He had not interacted with anyone other than his mother in past one year.

He was continuously walking in that forest like he was a part of that deep forest. He knew every path around that forest and exactly knew where he was headed to. After many years he knew where he was going. He took left by the big old banyan tree where he and his father used to sit long time ago. He glanced at that tree. Even after all these years it had not changed at all. After walking few more steps he stopped.

He looked at his own little hut and smiled. Only he knew that he has smiled for the first time after that unfortunate incident. He stepped inside and walked into a small room. That room was so small that he could not even stand erect. He sat down on one leg on the dust which was there this whole time. He opened his bag and took out some big iron instruments and wires. Then he started attaching them in a way that only he knew. Then he placed something outside the hut that can be only described as some weird antenna. He connected his assembly to that antenna with a long yellow wire. Everything was done now hard part had begun…..Waiting…

After half an hour, suddenly weather started to change. Surrounding started to go dark. Clouds were coming together. That was the clear sign of storms. Kul looked up to sky and started laughing. It was so weird. If anyone had seen him at that time, Kul would have been forced to be a part of mental hospital. That small hut was standing in the middle of the storm in few minutes. Lightning was making some horrifying sounds. Suddenly whole sky turned bright white and loud sound followed that light. A strange lightning struck down on that weird antenna. And that whole energy was passed to the assembly. He knew that it had begun.


He stepped into hut, assembly was glowing and in the center there was a big bright circle. He knew that he had opened a portal. He took his bag and stepped inside that portal with a smile on his face……


He took his bag and stepped inside that portal with a smile on his face…Everything got blurred and he saw a plain ground. Suddenly something bites him and everything got blurred again….

His head was hurting. He woke up with some efforts. It took few minutes to regain his all sensations. Everything was spinning. He closed his eyes for a moment and then opened again.

He was in a big hall. Whole hall was painted in faint blue colour and tiles were dull white which was giving little bit of cloudy look. Some people were sitting on some fashionable chairs on both sides of hall. Everyone was well dressed. Everyone was wearing suits with some kind of batch on them. Black tie over white shirt was giving them some professional look. In the centre of the hall there were four chairs and four people were sitting on them. Kul figured they were leaders.

“Sorry!”, second guy amongst leader apologized ,“We mean no harm. But we have to follow our protocols.”

“What? Where am I? Who are you?”,Kul asked in very confused tone.

“You know us as Bramha.” ,all four spoke at a time.

“What?”,Kul replied instantaneously……“Sorry….What?”, he asked again.

All four smiled. “Meet the reality my friend. We know you have a lot of questions. But we have some work to finish. My co-worker will take you to your room. He will tell you everything.”, said left one.

One guy in suit stood up and led the way. “If you please follow me.”, he said.

Kul had no choice but to follow him.

“My name is Chitragupta. Our kingdom is known as Stheer or as you people call it ‘Bramha lok’. Bramha rules here. Geographically speaking in your terms Bramha-lok is situated in middle part of India. It covers the portion from Punjab to Bangal. Lord Shiva rules in Himalaya and Lord Vishnu rules in southern states and sea. That’s why your people thought Vishnu lives in sea.”, Chitragupta laughed on last line but Kul was still trying to digest all this situation.

They were walking through a corridor. Chitragupta asked, “Are you alright? You haven’t spoken a single word in last minute or so.”

“Is this real?”,Kul asked. “Yes!”,Chitragupta said with smiling face and opened a door.

They entered in that room. Chitragupta gave a sit to Kul. Kul collapsed in that chair.

“Now, should I start an orientation?”, asked Chitragupta. Kul nodded yes.

“You knew it Kul. You knew it all along. You knew that two worlds can coexist. You just didn’t think that you will find us here. Everyone who dies in your world comes to life here. Every animal , plants and insects too. That’s why we have many tigers.”, Chitragupta laughed on his own joke.

“ Never mind. So you got a brief idea about where you are. Right?”, said Chitragupta.

Chitragupta said ,“Evil powers like Rahu and Ketu attack on our kingdom daily. We have been winning these battles since I remember. But now time has changed. They are attacking on resident area. Which is causing lot of damages. Many people are dying due to these surprise attacks.”

Interrupting Chitragupta, Kul said, “Now hold on a minute. If we die we come here. Right? Then what happens when people die here?”

Chitragupta said, “Why do you think your worlds population is increasing? When a person die here, they born in your world. That’s why we call your world Mrutyu-Lok. Anyways you should take some rest. We will talk tomorrow. ” Chitragupta left the room.


   It was a beautiful morning in Bramhalok. Kul woke up and was looking outside the window. There was a small lake outside his room. A big white beautiful swan was drinking water from that lake. Kul opened his bag and picked some clothes to change. Someone knocked on the door. Kul walked up to door and opened it. Chitragupta came little early than he said. Kul asked for little time and then walked outside with him.

Chitragupta and Kul walked through the garden near lake. Then they had their breakfast in garden. After the breakfast Kul started to feel little headache. In few seconds, everything was blurred and spinning again. And he collapsed on the ground.

Kul woke up in completely different place. That place was a palace made up of sand. He hold his head with one hand and stood up with the help of other. He saw almost same arrangement as it was yesterday. Sitting arrangements on both sides and one chair in center. Some unknown people were sitting on those chairs. Leader was sitting on center chair. He was wearing dark green suit with a batch on it. Others were wearing light green suits.

Chitragupta was standing beside him. Chitragupta smiled while looking at confused expressions of Kul but this smile was different than that was yesterday. This smile gave a wicked feeling to kul.

Then Chitragupta started walking up to chair. Kul could only see his back. When Chitragupta sat on chair, he was completely different person. His looks changed completely but that wicked smile remained same. Kul understood that something is wrong. He was back to his shocked expressions.

There was dead silence for few moments. Then leader spoke, “Kul, right? We have heard lot about you. A guy who walked in with body. ” Everyone started laughing. Kul didn’t find that funny. Leader continued, “My name is Nagraj. Can you guess who we are?”

Kul spoke his first words, “You can change your looks.”

Nagraj smiled and said, “Exactly. And you people call us Ichchadhari.”

Now that went too far.’ Thought Kul and said, “But you can only take shape of snakes, right?”

Nagraj said, “Yeah! Yeah! About that……what can I say, we evolved.” Everyone started laughing again. He continued, “Listen Kul, we are not bad guys. We just want your help. You can create a portal. And my tribe is dying out here. These Bramha-lok people are not what they look. Actually we are also not what we look.” Everyone started laughing again. Nagraj continued, “Anyway .Help us .Build a portal for us and we will give whatever you want. Of course if we can.”

Then followed by a silent, Kul started thinking really hard. After few seconds he said, “I want something from you too.”

Nagraj wasn’t expecting any demands. He asked, “What?”

Kul replied, “My father is here. In this world. He would come with us.”

Nagraj said, “You are not as stupid as you look.”

Kul replied, “I guess I am not what I look either.” Kul smiled on this one. Everyone started laughing. One of them lead Kul to a room and he stop there as a guard. “You should start your work here. Tell us what you need and we will arrange it for you.”

Kul wasn’t listening to him. He opened his bag. He remembered words of Chitragupta that he is in fact on earth. Which meant that his gadget can work on earth’s magnetic field. He pull out his locator. Luckily charging was not finished yet. It showed location in Rajsthan’s desert. Kul wrote a list of some things and gave it to guard. He left room and locked it from outside. Kul was sitting like a statue. He had no idea what he was going to do.

Suddenly, whole room flashed blue. Kul closed his eyes because of that light. When he opened he saw a man sitting near wall. Usually if something like this had happened, Kul would have screamed but in last two days he had seen enough to make this normal.

This guy was wearing complete black suit. He was wearing a hat. He was looking down and his hat was covering his face. He was wearing polished black shoes. His long brown curly hairs were running down on suit. His left leg was stretched on floor and he was giving support to his right hand by his right leg. He was looking like a cool college student or a dancer from some Hollywood movie. He looked up to Kul. His blue eyes were suiting his personality.He had a guitar with sign of flowers on it.

“Kul, Right, pal? Nice name COOL!”, he smiled on his little joke and continued, “You know me very well. I mean you have heard of me. I am Narad, the Teleporter.” Kul experienced another small heart attack. “What are you doing here? Away for vacation? Anyways I learnt that you were living here as a hostage so I came by to say Hi.” He wasn’t stop talking. “If you are thinking that I will help you in teleporting you out of here, then you are wrong. You think you could take your father with you, then you are wrong. If you think Nagraj is good man, then you are wrong. Technically he is not even a man.” He laughed again and continued his speech, “Anyway, thought you should know. I have some work to do, so I better live you to your misery. Bubye. Nice to talk to you. Narayan! Narayan! ” and he vanished into thin air.

Kul was speechless. He was just sitting there thinking about what he had promised to Nagraj. Lights in the room was deeming a bit as sun was setting. A guard came by 7 to give him dinner and left. Kul had his dinner and looked at his hand watch. It was past 8. Suddenly, Kul heard some big footsteps. He was eagerly watching door to open. A big shadow opened that door. He came into room and grabbed Kul with one hand and lift him up. That guy was the fattest guy Kul had ever seen.

“I am Nandi. Lord Shiva send me to rescue you. ”, fat guy whispered. Kul smiled and accepted his help.


Nandi was walking very slow probably because of his weight. After travelling for around 20 minutes Kul finally saw two horses ready for their riders. But Kul stopped Nandi and said, “I can’t go with you. I have my reasons. ” Nandi was shocked by his words. He was about to speak something when someone interrupted “Looks like you need a counsellor and I know just the right one.”

Nandi and Kul looked back. There he was. He was having same smile and his brown hairs covering half of his face. “What are you doing here, Narad?” asked Kul. Narad smiled and replied, “You are confused and you need help. So I am here. I know a counsellor who goes by the name ‘Mukund’. He lives nearby. Would like to meet him? I am sure, he will help you.”

Kul thought for few seconds. He knew he was confused and could really use some help so he agreed. Nandi said he had some work to finish so he left.

Narad said, “Hold my hand. Let me show you a trick.” Kul did and a white flash of light blinded him. When he opened his eyes he was in front of a big gold gate. Two large statues were guarding on both sides of the gate. Narad said, “Welcome to the lost city of Atlantis.” Kul was more shocked by Narad’s words.
Atlantis? Seriously? How? Wasn’t it supposed to be in Atlantic?

“Too many questions in your mind, friend” said Narad “Mukund will answer all of them. One more thing, Call him ‘Krishna’. He likes it. ”

“Krishna? As in Lord Krishna? He lives in Atlantis? I thought he lives in Dwarka.”Kul had too many questions.

Atlantis is Dwarka, dear.” Narad said and he vanished into white flash.

Kul walked into the white palace. Just in front of main door, stairs were starting. There he was. At the end of the stairs, reminding Kul a Sanskrit shlok he learnt in his school days.

मन्दं हसन्तं प्रभया लसन्तं जनस्य चित्तं सततं हरन्तम् |

वेणुं नितान्तं मधु वादयन्तं बालं मुकुन्दं मनसा स्मरामि || (For meaning, Try google :P)

Krishna walked down the stairs and welcomed Kul with a tight hug. Kul was speechless. He was about to speak something but there were no words.

Krishna said, “So about Atlantis.” He smiled and continued, “When I was living in your world, we developed some really advanced technologies. One of them was a portable island. Our beautiful Island ‘Dwarka’ .Some of you calls it Atlantis but again ‘What’s in a name?’ “

Kul smiled when Krishna quoted Shakespeare. Krishna continued, “But for now. Take some rest. We will continue tomorrow.” And Krishna left through front door.

In the evening, Kul was sitting in a park near the palace. He saw some youngsters were going on trip or something. Among them he saw her. She was definitely the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and she was looking at him. She started walking towards Kul. That made him nervous. He tried to look somewhere else but by then she was right in front of him. “Aren’t you coming with us to mountain?” she asked. Kul was speechless. “Come” she insisted.

It was a trekking trip. Kul hadn’t been on trek in last 5 years. All youngsters were racing to the peak and Kul was busy watching that girl’s smile. When they reached the top everyone started yelling, dancing and jumping in joy. Kul was sitting on the edge of the cliff away from all this noise. He was looking at the beautiful valley at the bottom of the mountain. Sunset was giving a pink shade to whole valley. Cold wind was just increasing the music in air. But a slight mistake could have cost Kul his life but he knew that risk. After few seconds he again concentrated on that girl. She had stopped her dance and was looking at Kul. She started walking towards him and sat by him.

“My name is Neeti.”she said. “Hi. I am Kul ”he replied with smile. That’s all he could think of. All these years he hadn’t spoken to any girl. All his school and college life, he was a nerd.  He never had courage to speak to some girl. So today, his heartbeat was increasing continuously. But he was confident that some new story is about to start. Weather was supporting their story. Neeti put her hand on Kul’s back. A smile got covered over Kul’s face. But suddenly he realized what was happening. She was pushing him but it was too late for Kul. He lost his control. Kul’s speed was increasing drastically. All he could see was the valley. End was near.